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superefficientSuper-efficient or SEAD at its core is about governments working together to save energy , turning knowledge into action to advance global market transformation for energy efficient products. SEAD promotes the manufacture , purchase,and use of more energy-efficient products by supporting the design and implementation of energy efficiency policies and programs for common appliance’s, equipment’s lighting and other electronic devices.

Our Sitecore initiative supports this effort by:-

  • Providing knowledge and tools that helps impact policy change.
  • Raising awareness about the importance of increasing the efficiency of common appliance’s and equipment.
  • Identifying and highlighting technologies that will save energy.
  • Providing technical expertise and best practices to stakeholders.



clasp  Clasp serves as the leading international voice & resources for appliance energy efficiency policies and market acceleration initiatives.Clasp improves the energy and environmental performance of the appliance’s & equipment we use every day, accelerating our transition to a more sustainable world.

With our team of Sitecore professionals we were deeply committed to the organization’s mission and values of collaboration, transparency and service.
With our Sitecore programs and services we had accelerated the availability of Super-efficient,high quality appliance’s maximizing environmental impacts.


Global Lighting Challenge

GLC Global Lighting Challenge is a race to reach cumulative global sales of billion high efficiency,high quality ,and affordable advanced lighting products,such as light emitting diode (LED) lamps.This race will showcase the ways business, governments,and other public-sector leaders are taking action to accelerate this transition.The Global Lighting Challenge is now seeking commitments from public and private sectors leaders to speed us toward the 10 billion goal.

With the help of our Sitecore Experts we have here by helped Global Lighting Challenges in the following aspects :-

  • Utilization of Commitments specification for high – quality and high – efficiency products.
  • Delivery approaches should strive to be self – sustaining and designed to minimize distortions to commercial markets.
  • Programs seeking to ensure quality over the lifetime of the product system.

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